TPI Online Package


TPI looks at the body swing connection and your body’s ability to perform movements found within the golf swing. Using a physical screening to evaluate your current stability and range of motion, we will supply you with a personalised video of drills and stretches to help correct any highlighted issues, and show you how these link to your current habits and shot tendencies.


Within the package you will receive:


30 min Zoom interview and physical screening

10-15 min personalised video of all drills and exercises based on your screening results.

30 min follow up session to discuss the exercises and the connection to your swing and shot shape.


We suggest a 6-8 week gap between physical assessments, but if recommended drills cause difficulties then alternative drills can be suggested at any time. All screenings and drills suggested will take into consideration age, previous injuries and access to equipment. Additional equipment can be purchased and will qualify for further discounts.

TPI Online physical assessment with stretch program

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£50.00Sale Price
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